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I became interested in muay thai after training with some crazy krav maga guys. The one commented that I should try kickboxing so I looked around. Fairtex = big sweaty dudes. That didn't sound good. Other places were further away. Living in the mission this location was perfect. SO, I took an introductory class. It should be stated on the outset that it doesn't matter what kind of shape you're in, if you don't jump rope you're toast in the first three minutes.As for the rest of the'll find a workout like none else. Jabs and kicks, knees and elbows, fists and feet. It's like a dream come true for a diehard like myself. Even though I limped away from that first class I went back and I continue to go back. I'm now slowly painfully building stronger calves. All the better to kick you with.

-MS, San Francisco

I have been going to Navarro's for about a year now. I started with kickboxing, taught by the owner himself, who has a radiant spirit and will get you sweating in no time. I sampled other classes such as muay thai. I now go to zumba-Ruth is awesome and inspiring on Sat mornings at 11am. And the best class ever, a mix of afro-cuban,hip hop dance with Enrique. The man knows how to move, and will get you movin too with great music. Seriously ladies, I've lost weight, feel great, have fun while doing it and it's one of the things I miss when I am away. I have never felt this way about a gym or its instructors. Plus, it's a really low key gym with out any pretenses other than to work out and have fun doin it.

-C.C, San Francisco

This is where I currently train for Muay Thai. My instructor (kru) is a very nice guy. The atmosphere is for hardcore training, none of the high pressure sales pitch or long term contracts that drains your pocket. I actually started at Fairtex in Daly City for about a year and a half. It was good but I must tell you that at Navarro's they teach more technique instead of just cardio kickboxing. They also train you for tournaments if you're a serious fighter. I'm lucky to have found this place :)

-Henry L., Bay Area

I am attempting to get my fat ass in shape at Navarro's (at the cardio muay thai classes offered MWF 11-12), and it's really starting to work.  Carlos Navarro is truly a great teacher and motivator.  This place is responsible for a huge upturn in my health and wellbeing.  If you're turned off by the Spandex treadmill farm atmosphere of the big chain gyms, Navarro's is a refreshing change of pace.  They also offer muay thai classes on Tue/Th at 7-9 PM.  All levels of skill are welcome to all of the classes at Navarro's.

-Kathy R., San Francisco

After 20 years of inactivity, I have resumed my Kenpo Karate studies with my original instructor.
I thank Professor Carlos Navarro for having faith in my abilities and allowing me to return.  I am extremely proud that he has taken time to re-teach me his own creation; the  "Flying Butterfly" kata.  He is a man of true patience.  

-JMabalatan, San Francisco

I am 38  years old.  I am brand new to the Martial Arts.  And, I attended this past Tuesday's Muay Thai class as a drop-in student.  I was very nervous and did not know what to expect.  I am very thankful to Grand Master Rubie, her students and the positive experience!!  I thoroughly enjoyed my experience at Navarro's Martial Arts Academy.  With much gratitude, please know that I will return!!

--Dawn, San Bruno

I feel that San Francisco and the Bay Area world of Martial Arts is blessed with Professor Carlos Navarro and his daughter,  Grand Master Rubie. They are willing to share the traditional teachings with us.  They do not bind us with "contracts".  And, they treat me like "FAMILY!!"  I can feel the positive energy when they teach.  I am proud to be a student of Navarro's Martial Arts Academy & Fitness Center!!

-Irene, San Francisco 

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